Bonjour! Je m'appelle Delphine...

I love to help adults and children learn in a fun environment! 

I believe that learning French should be fun, the goal being that you enjoy communicating easily. No matter how little you have learnt, or how long ago, you will improve with just a bit of practice! I can help you with spoken or written French, and help you get ready for exams.

I enjoy helping children and adults alike, taking their lead in what gets them excited: hobbies, animal, travels... I am available daytime and evenings, and can travel if necessary. I also run weekly conversation clubs in a friendly atmosphere.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you or your children improve their French!

About me

French by birth, British by nature and Cornish by location...

I was born in the South of France, and moved to England about ten years ago. I love the beautiful Cornish countryside, and feel very fortunate to live in such an amazing part of the world!

A lot of adults and children learn a language in books or apps, and do not get a chance to practice... This is about to change!

Practice your French conversation skills in a friendly, non-intimidating context in one of my conversation clubs, or book a one to one session if you or your child need individual tuition.

My focus is on interactive activities, enabling my clients to start talking as soon as the session starts. You will be given the opportunity to recreate everyday conversations and tackle any particular situations you encounter or want to prepare for.

Classes are built around you and your requirements: our one to one French conversation sessions are made to suit your needs, level and objectives.

Whatever you or your child want to specialise in: business French, pronunciation, exam skills or basic reading, writing, speaking and listening, conversation or culture, I will make sure you achieve your goal.

Conversation Clubs



Beginners and Intermediate meet at The Green Parrot every Monday at 11am.

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Beginners meet at The Fox & Hounds Inn every Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Intermediate and Advanced meet a bit later every Wednesday at 8pm.

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Beginners and Intermediate meet at the Great Cornish Food café every Friday at 9.30am.

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What else?

Please get in touch if you would like one-to-one sessions. I can adapt to your needs...

How can I help you?

- Improve fluency before a holiday

- Improve fluency before move/retirement to France

- Practice before oral exam

- French private club for home-educated children

- Introduction to French for young children

- Administrative help (for example if you have a house in France)

- Translation of documents

- Support for businesses dealing with French suppliers/customers


Because each person is different, each session is different!

To book a French Conversation Club taster session, go on Eventbrite.

If you would like one-to-one sessions for you or your child, or anything bespoke, I'd love to hear from you!

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* Delphine is a great coach - her informal 'Parlez-Vous' French language class is great fun and a good way to revisit any French language you may have forgotten since school. It also encourages you to be more confident with your French accent - highly recommended!    Heather

* My sessions with Delphine have been absolutely invaluable and I certainly did a lot better than I would have without her help. Thank you and see you at French club soon      James

* Now I feel more confident about my language skills, I can't wait to show my neighbours in France some of my favourite traditional Cornish recipes and get their crimping skills up to scratch!    Liz